First organized in 1877, the Dallas Frohsinn Singing Society was formed as a Männerchor (men’s choir). Since that time, the Frohsinn has endured two world wars and an almost non-existent emigration from members’ home countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. During World War II the choir disbanded for a few years and then started up again once the war was concluded. Times have changed quite a bit since then.

In 1991 a Damenchor (ladies’ choir) was established and became accepted in the Deutsch Texanischen Saengerbund (Texas German Singing Society). Eventually the two choirs merged and became a Massenchor (mixed choir).

Today our members are a mix of native Germans, people of German heritage, and others who just love the German song. Our concerts include performances by the Männerchor , the Damenchor, and the four-part Massenchor (mixed choir). We are often accompanied by the Swiss Alphorns at festive occasions.

We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Visit our Links page for more information about our friends, affiliated organizations, and other pages of interest.

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